I5: Royston Goodacre

Mass Appeal: lessons learnt from large-scale mass spectrometry-based metabolomics


Metabolomics is a growing discipline that allows the analysis of the thousands of structural different small molecules found within a biological system. These metabolites can be measured using a variety of different analytical approaches and at Manchester we have developed GC-MS and LC-MS (Dunn et al., 2011).  I shall provide an overview of metabolomics and lessons learnt from of our large-scale human serum metabolome project (www.husermet.org) where we profiled 1200 healthy individuals (Dunn et al., 2015). Using these protocols we then went on to profile another ~1200 ageing individuals and identified key Metabolic dysregulation which were drivers behind human frailty (Rattray N.J. et al., under review).

Key aspects for discussion will be based around a SWOT analysis of the field.

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