We would like to invite you to Bio&Data, the first workshop of the newly established MOVISS – “Mountain Village Science Series” taking place in Vorau, Austria (Sep 20-23, 2017). MOVISS Bio&Data is different to the usual conferences. It is rather constructed as a small, problem-driven meeting, full of discussions and questions about how to deal with metabolomics data reasonably. In this way, we hope to constructively engage some of the greatest minds collaboratively on solving some of the challenges of the metabolomics and bioinformatics community. Four sessions are planned, each devoted to a separate step of the metabolomics process; Design of Experiment, Analysis, Data Processing and Statistical Analysis in the biosciences will all be discussed including your data, if you bring them for discussions. We plan a summary of this discussion will be produced as a paper for publication to share within the wider metabolomics community. Finally, you can continue with the R Summer School from September 25 – 27, 2017 in Vorau!

Peter Filzmoser and Tomáš Adam


Invited speakers

Karl Burgess

Oscar Yanes

Steffen Neuman

Beata Walczak

Age K. Smilde

Nicola Zamboni



Scientific Committee

Prof. T. Adam
Palacky Uni Olomouc

Prof. P. Filzmoser
Vienna Uni of Technology

Dr. R. Salek
Metab. Soc.

Dr. J. Kirwan
Max Delbrück Center

Ass.Prof. K. Hron
Palacky Uni Olomouc